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Mike and jas were exceptional. They offered excellent advice and very professional, honest, and hardworking realtors. I would recommend them to anyone. Very explainable on all issues. Thank you very much mike and jas .
~ Wendy - Coquitlam, BC

Mike 是一位值得信任而且非常專業的房產經紀。 這次我換屋,他不怕麻煩不畏耗時,終將我的房子以Full Price 賣出。而買房,他亦盡心盡力,用最理想的價錢替我買下適合我的房子,一賣一買,時間上由他安排的天衣無縫,讓我無後顧之憂。 一段時間相處下來,他不像是一般般的房產經紀,更像是處處替你著想的朋友及家人(moon grin)
~ Jane - Richmond, BC

Mike is an incredibly professional, honest, and hard-working realtor. He offered me excellent advice and hosted multiple open houses during the process of selling my condo, and I was very happy with the result. Mike got me a very good price in a tough market through his determination and savvy, and I'm sure he will do the same for you, whether you're a buyer or seller.
~ Tim, Richmond, BC

首先,代表我们全家非常感谢Mike作为我们这次买房的经纪,让我们买到了满意的房子。 Mike在我们买房期间(带看房子,和卖房经纪周旋,指导买房流程方面)表现出了非常专业和敬业的地产经纪的水平。 我们全家都对Mike非常满意,如果以后再次买房还会继续找Mike,也会推荐给我们的朋友。
~ Mr. Zhang, Langley, BC

To whom it may concern. Ti is is to tell Mike Chan as a property broker. He is honest,mature, and good in pricing.. i I never had to ask him what to do next. I am entirely saisfied with his serice,and would not hesiatae to recommend hm to anvbody. A condo seller
~ Mr. Wong from Burnaby, BC

“I’ve used Mike as a realtor to buy and sell my first home and to buy my second home. He’s been excellent every time he has acted as my agent. Mike was helpful in providing me new listings and open houses while having an open house at my apartment. In each transaction he worked extremely hard in order for me to get the best financial outcome be it the best selling price or cheapest purchase price. He can clearly explain subjects that you may not see everyday and the risks associated with each. Without him my transactions wouldn’t have resulted in the same outcome.”
~ Kyle from New Westminster, December 2017

Mike is the most professional realtor I have ever met. He is knowledgeable, polite and truly takes care of his clients to reach their goals. No matter in the process of selling or buying, Mike will also do a good job for both. He will spend a lot of time doing research on the market situation and our neighbor’s property value before our home goes on to market. He will always come at least 45 minutes early before starting the open house and make sure the the signs for that are in the most obvious places on the street. In additional, the photography company he found did an amazing job on my home. Which I never expected could be done in such a gorgeous way .As a result, dozens of visitors come to my home during the open house hours .If you are still looking for a reliable realtor who is always standing on the side of his clients, it is a good idea to contact Mike right away .
~ Darren in Burnaby, BC

感谢Mike在我们很急迫的情况下帮助我们找到满意的房子。在购房之前详尽的了解我们的需求,然后针对需求找到房源后不厌其烦的陪着我们看了很多房子。对于我们临时提出的新要求和新想法,Mike能够很及时的给出回应。在房子的交易过程中Mike也很尽力的帮我们争取以最好的价格成交,并且在房产交易需设计的其他方面也给予了我们很多帮助。谢谢, Mike.
~ Chloe & Robin from Shanghai, China

~ Tony & Family in Burnaby, BC

~ David & Lucia in Coquitlam, BC

~ Wendy in Burnaby, BC

Mike has been a trust-worthy friend for long time. He handled all four of my properties and all generated satisfactory results. Nobody is more hard-working, dedicated and reliable than him in this realty business as far as I am concerned.
~ Howard in Vancouver, BC

Mike Chen 是一位非常專業的地產經紀人,之前我在烈治文的一套城市屋,就是委託他以高於市價估價的百分之十五售出的!他提供專業的意見,對市場的評估,及買家的心理,都有精闢的分析與見解,使我的房子在短短一個月之內即售出。他的法律知識與對合約條款的認知,也是非常的專業!我非常感謝他的服務態度,也大力推薦Mike給大家,不管是買房或賣房,都可以和他合作哦!
~ Derek in Richmond, BC

我跟Jack买新房,跟着Mike看了很多地方的房子,coquitlam,lanley,后来又看了North delta,他从始至终都非常感谢很有耐心,非常详细说明和推荐,前前后后,看房,查房子的相关资料,议价,投offer,真的是麻烦了不少。我们终于在delta找到了自己的小家,非常开阔明亮,很满意的一次买房经历。感谢Mike!
~ Angie & Jack in Delta, BC

你好,Mike: 无微不至的服务,总会替我们客户考虑的细致入微。从专业的角度向我们耐心的讲解分析温市楼盘。不管是下雨还好下雪都会来接送我们挨家挨户的去寻找我们想要的房子。最终满足我们内心的需求。真的非常感谢在异国他乡您为我们带来的无微不至的照顾。
~ Kevin in Richmond, BC

I bought a small apartment in New Westminster from Mike Chen, very nice! He is so 认真的,经常看他工作到晚上来帮我找房源,非常感谢Mike能帮我找到我喜欢的房子。谢谢!
~ Jackie in New Westminster, BC